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הבלוג של יסכה הרני


Celebrating the new publication and the new exhibition in Tabgha Pilgerhous

On Monday, January 30, Together with the historian Dr. Georg Rowkamp, I will conduct a top-level, tour guides study-day in Tabgha. It is, in a way, celebrating his new publication - which is a methodological and historical gem!

check the program here:


I love Tabgha for it's atmosphere, nature and its' stories. But now, after reading Dr. Georg Rowekampes' research and publication on Tabgha (picture below), and his small, but superb, exhibition in the Pilgerhouse - I came to realize that Tabgha is "the land of Israel in a nutshell". It encapsulates layers upon layers of history, in a tiny and charming spot. In less than 1/2 square kilometer, you can hop from Bronze age and Israelite fortress (Tel-Oreme), to Roman and Christian fishing grounds, from a Moslem palace (Khirbat al-Minya) and a crusader sugar canes factory to Ottoman mills and German farms, from Israeli school for cowboys to the present day Sapir water pumping station, Karei Deshe youth hostel and Tabgha Pilgerhous.

In the Tabgha booklet the entire sequence of history unfolds: from Bronze age statuette representing Canaanite god, to Pope Paul VI and Walter Katz (founder and president of the ANA)

I am proud and excited to have Dr. Georg Rowekamp and myself lead a Hishtalmut for tour guides in Tabgha. You are invited to see and hear the rich information on sites, artifacts, facts and ideas that relate to Tabgha. Participants will receive the newly published Tabgha booklet - a gem of systematic history.

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